Donated! Didn't get an account?

Friday, February 12, 2021 - 08:00

Accounts are created using the email address used when donating. It's thankfully quite rare, but on occasion I get donations with email addresses that are rejected as "does not exist". If you care about such things, make sure the address you use when donating is correct and is linked to a working email account. I can create an account with an invalid email but you won't get the login link or be able to recover the password, and I can't send email to resolve. If you think this has happened email me from a working email address.

It appears that a couple of webmail services - in particular - are quietly filtering emails from the domain to spam.

Donors will always get a "Thank you for your donation email" from the site within a few minutes of the donation being made, and I try to get donor accounts setup same day, but it can take up to 2-3 days if I'm away, and have limited internet access.

When the account is created an email advising the account has been setup is sent. This contains a one-time login link.

If you have donated and didn't get a "Thank you email", first thing is to check your spam folder. If more than a day has passed, and you haven't got an account creation email, first thing to do is check your spam folder for a mail from

Finally, you can also try to "recover password" from the Donors link using the email address you used to donate. If an account has been created you'll get a reset email sent to you.